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Welcome - Rev Andrew Wilkinson

Welcome to new residents of St Michael's and Churchtown




Congratulations on moving in and welcome to our village families. These are great parishes in which to live, with lots going on and with a traditional, caring village feel to it.


On this website you will find all sorts of invaluable information about parish and community life, which is provided by the local church in partnership with all the village ‘service providers’ we can think of.


Did you know that  If you live in St Michael's you also live in ‘Upper Rawcliffe with Tarnacre’? Well, you do! That’s the name of the civil parish and you will find a welcome from St Michael's Parish Council here in the section on village organisations.


There are so many things going on that it would be wrong to single out any one organisation; perhaps instead I can look at one person in particular. You will find that almost none of the organisations listed is a statutory body or receives government funding, and yet the life enhancing work is evident all around us, so the person that I want to focus on in this welcome is You! If you can get involved then the parish will seem a very different place than it might otherwise appear. So please, as soon as you have opened the last packing crate (or even before then) have a look at what you might find rewarding in village life. Who knows, perhaps it might be something that is wonderfully new to you, like trying the village church on Sunday; you won‘t be a stranger for long!


Whatever you have to offer, or whatever you need, we hope you will find what you are looking for in this little guide. God bless your home, and congratulations again on being our newest parishioner.


Your friend and Vicar


The Rev’d Andrew Wilkinson

Vicar of St Michael’s on Wyre and St Helen's Churchtown

The Vicarage,

Vicarage Lane


01995 602294

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