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                  Monthly Services


  1st Sunday

  9.15 All Age Worship

  6.30 Evening prayer with communion


  2nd Sunday

  9.15 Morning Prayer


  3rd Sunday

  9.00 Sunday school,toddlers,confirmation

  9.15 Parish Communion

  6.30 Evening Prayer


  4th Sunday

  9.15 Parish Communion

  6.30 Evening Prayer


  5th Sunday when the month allows

  9.15 Parish Communion

  6.30 Alternates please check diary


 There is also a service of Holy Communion                

           every Wednesday at 10:00 a.m



If you require to book a wedding/blessing or renewing of vows please contact:

The Rev Andrew Wilkinson 01995 602294



Funerals, Cremations or burial of ashes


If you require to book a funeral, cremations

or burial of ashes please contact:

The Rev Andrew Wilkinson 01995 602294



All Age Worship


A service were all ages are worshipping and

learning together.

Including a uniformed parade.

Prayers and readings delivered by

the children.

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Please could you include the following in

your prayers:-


Keith Robert


Christine Cameron


and all the housebound and

those residential care.




Thinking of having your child baptised, then

please contact

Karen Ball Reader 01995 679297


Sunday School.


See Facebook page for        

regular updates.


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St. Michaels on Wyre Church

Graveyard Notice.


The Churchyard old and new is the resting place of many    generations from the St. Michaels area and is still in use today.  It is the responsibility of the Parochial Church Council to ensure this graveyard is kept in a safe and secure condition for you and visitors to our grade one listed church.

Recently an inspection was carried out. This identified a considerable number of graves where monuments are in a potentially dangerous condition and are in need of urgent attention.

Many people will be unaware that it remains the responsibility of the families of the deceased to maintain the headstones etc. on the graves in a safe condition. Any local monumental mason will be able to provide advice and carry out any remedial work required.

Blackburn Diocesan guidelines states that if repairs are not carried out in a reasonable period of time, any headstone deamed unsafe should be taken down and laid flat on the grave.

The Parochial Church Council have set a period of 6 months giving adequate warning to all relatives who can be traced. Details of the graves will be published on the Church noticeboard/website. See Graveyard plan below.....

We realise that this could be a difficult situation and maybe upsetting to some people. If you would like to speak to one of the Churchwardens on any aspect, do not hesitate to get in touch.

This is for everyones safety.

Thank you,

The Churchwardens

Graveyard plan Safeguarding Policy Safeguarding contact numbers