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This month is dominated by our keeping of Remembrance Sunday on Sunday November 10th and Armistice day the following day on Monday November 11th the following day. The question I am asking is "What do we do with our symbolic poppies after these days?" More important than that is the question "What do we do on Tuesday and all other days following because of our remembrance of the cost paid for the freedom we enjoy"?  


Right remembering is how we live in the light of the sacrifice, suffering, and devastation   caused by the two world wars and all the international conflicts since then.  


If we just put our poppies and remembering just to one side until next November then we will not have remembered rightly on Remembrance Sunday and Armistice Day. For right and honourable remembrance, we must also have a vision for the future in which all of us have a vital part to play. God's ultimate promise is that he will dwell with us, there will be no more mourning, no more crying, no more pain    for all of us will be gathering up in Christ who has shown us the different way.


This future starts with us here and now, because there is no going back, only moving forward taking our remembering forward in the transformed people of peace lover and hope in all we do and seek to do.


As a reminder of this resolve, put your  poppy you take out of your coat in a prominent place in your home, so it will continue to nudge you in the vision God calls us to take up in the future individually, as a local community and as a nation, so that by our daily living and vision we will remember them and the sacrifice they made for the freedom we now enjoy.