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Reconciliation is the great in word at the moment. Yes, in many ways Christians must seek to be reconcilers, Jesus commanded us in particular in the Sermon on the Mount. On many occasions, misunderstandings are the causes of conflict and only negotiation in order to solve the issue can bring about reconciliation.            

       Alas, in our pluralistic society we forget that there are other conflicts in which one side is right and the other wrong.  Nowhere in the Bible or in Christian tradition has it ever been suggested that we ought to reconcile good and evil, God and the devil, or deny that in every society there are always satanic forces at work. We as Christians are supposed to constantly fight against evil, injustice and oppression in all its forms and wherever it may be happening, not ignore it or simply come to terms with it.      

     The drug crisis is partly due to the idea of people getting quick success without waiting, without drudgery, hard work or self-discipline .Some people are led into drug taking and crime to obtain "happiness" by a quick fix , and for them neither wrong or evil come into their equation of what they are doing  or what it can lead them into and the real pleasures of life it will actually deny them.        

         Our aim as society must be that of a "just society" in which life is sacred. The sanctity of human life is a vital pillar of a just society, the lack of this teaching evil and the work of the devil.      

     Fair provision of the basics of life and opportunity to all are still denied to many despite our advanced technological society. This cannot be theologically or morally right.    

     What am I saying we should do about these issues? Firstly, read again the Sermon on the Mount and ask ourselves just how we personally come up to the standards Jesus demands of his followers, and secondly how we use our power to see them reflected in the decisions of those in power in our democratic society in Church and State alike.