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Candles, lights and carols dominate our thoughts leading up to our celebration of Christmas on the 25th of this month. Te first words of St. John's Gospel tell us "The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us". This reminds us that Christmas is more than the birth of a child, it is the beginning of the Christ event that will transform and re create human history and a   presence that continues to this day and for all time. In this child, the extraordinary love of God has taken on our humanity and made his dwelling among us. In the birth of His only Son, Jesus Christ our Lord, we are touched at the very core of our beings, perfectly His constant power and love for us. So, we the children of human families can become the sons and daughters of God.


One of the most moving times in the first pilgrimage I led with 43 parishioners from Garstang to the Holy Land was to celebrate Holy Communion for them in one of the shepherd’s caves in the fields just outside Bethlehem. The sense of awe, wonder, humility, and history was almost overpowering for all of us there. I have used picture of that very event taken by one of our group, in various local publications this Christmas, with the reminder that in our own Parish Churches this Christmas that same spirit will be there, if we worship in love, truth and expectancy believing that THE LORD IS HERE, HIS SPIRIT IS WITH US...




In the birth of your Son, O God, you have touched human history. May this knowledge illuminate every day for me. May his birth re create every human heart and transform our homes and our country into a holy place of hope, love, compassion and peace.