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‘Karen’s ramblings’


The seasons of the Church move very quickly, not that long ago we were in Epiphany and now Lent is with us. With the seasons of the Church come the seasons of nature and spring is just around the corner. It’s that time of year that when the sun shines we see all the dust and cobwebs that have gathered and some of us start that frantic spring clean, brushing away the cobwebs and taking up that thankless task of dusting!

Should we just spring clean our homes though? Lent offers us that chance of reflection, time to stop and take a step back and ponder on not just the spring cleaning of homes but on our faith and our relationship with God.


Whilst some of us opt to give something up during lent like chocolate and crisps, some of us opt to do something extra. We could take part in the “40 Acts”, a stewardship campaign which encourages people to undertake a generous act each day – not an easy task; but neither is giving up chocolate! Whichever we decide to undertake we are all on a journey with our Saviour Jesus Christ.


My own personal Lent journey will be one of prayer. I often get so wrapped up with everyday life and dashing around I forget to stop and take time to be with God. One of the prayers I will be using during Lent is:


Lord teach me to pray

as though I were cleaning the house of my life,

gently brushing away all the cobwebs of disappointment and tiredness;

sparing the spiders of dreams once dreamt,

but reaching ruthlessly into the corners

of lethargy and bitterness,

leaving no room untouched;

that fresh hope, fresh energy and fresh life may inspire me,

as I follow your call and serve your people in Christ’s name.      



May your Lent journey be full of promise and God’s love.




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