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Patronal Festival History

A very warm welcome awaits you if you should visit our lovely Church any time but especially so during the St.Helen’s Patronal Flower Festival, held annually in May since 1974 to celebrate St.Helen’s Day. Thirty eight years ago it was a weekend event, now it has grown to almost a week. In the early days it used to have a country market on the Saturday on the Church Square and whilst that tradition died off some years ago now, we are striving to bring back something of the flavour of it with Produce and Craft Stalls and Sideshows on the same Church Square.


St.Helen’s has been a place of worship since the 1100’s when the Monks from Cockersands Abbey used to walk the 12 miles to St.Helen’s to take the services. In 1990 when the Church celebrated its Octocentenary Festival a sponsored walk was held to commemorate the monks by walking from the Abbey back to St.Helen’s. It was at this Octocentenary celebration that the Archbishop of York came and preached. The Patronal Festival has always been well received, at one time attracting coach parties from The Manchester and Liverpool Dioceses. On reading through our Comments Book we can see that we are visited from many places all over the world.


The Patronal Festival, our major fund raising event of the year, is the time when the whole of the church comes together; some people arrange beautiful flowers and create exhibitions: ladies bake and cook for the refreshments in our Parish Room; others have made craft items to sell at our Craft Stall inside the Church; others steward and are on hand to answer questions about our beautiful church. Everything and everyone works towards making the Patronal Flower Festival for St.Helen’s a truly amazing event.






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