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St Helens Parish Shop and Cafe

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Our very own cafe and shop continues to open in the parish room behind the church.


Opening times are:

Wednesday 10am-1pm

Thursday -Saturday 10am-4pm

Sunday 10am-11am for continental breakfast

Sunday 1pm-4pm



The St. Helen’s Shop and Café in 2020


Thank you very much for your support over the past 2½ years! In that time, we have raised over £7,400 for church funds and over £1,500 for CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young). However, it’s time to acknowledge that the shop and café is not economically viable in the medium to long term. Although the café thrives and has a positive buzz about it 20% of the time, it struggles to fill the space the other 80% of the time.       I have found that if people come twice when it’s the 20% window, they will generally become a fairly regular customer even though they may later come when its quieter during the 80% window. However, if people come once or twice in the 80% window, then they assume that its always quiet and they tend not to come again. I have found it very difficult to expand this 20% golden window for a number of different reasons.  


Therefore, in 2020 I propose to go from five days down to one day: Wednesday mornings. What I thought was a rebranding of the mid-week communion service to a “Communion and Coffee Morning” i.e. the 10am service, followed by a 10.30am to 12.30pm coffee morning. This would be on the first, third and fifth Wednesdays of the month, while on the second and fourth Wednesdays it would just be a coffee morning.                    The café will be finishing its five-day opening hours on Sunday 22nd December and it will begin its weekly opening hours on Wednesday 15th January. I will be scraping the village store side but will keep the arts and crafts side.  


You may have heard that we were given approx. £19.5K to develop the Hearse House from Lancashire Community Fund. Approx. £4K has gone on the sheds and the building surveyor, leaving £15.5K. Originally the Hearse House was going to be a village store, but our surveyor found out that current regulations stipulate that we would have to install a toilet and wash hand basin for any staff/volunteers. Our neighbours will not allow us to connect to their drainage pipes, so we would have to dig up Church Street, up to the Punchbowl to connect to the grid outside at an extra cost of at least £10K.  


The design has thus been changed slightly to a “Churchtown Arts and Crafts Centre” as this does not require a toilet or running water. Incidentally there are lots of people in the local area who do crafts, as 16 tables are now booked for the Christmas Craft Fair in the café on the 30th November. As it stands, the total build cost will be about £25K (instead of £35K) so we are about £10K short at the moment. If you know of any grants or other funding opportunities that we can apply for, please can you pass any details on to me!  


The vision is to have an Arts and Crafts Shop on the lower level and a meeting room or Churchtown Visitor Centre on the upper level. This would be open on Wednesdays when the coffee morning operates, and on a Sunday, when people are here for divine service.


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