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Before we leave Freckleton and set out on the A584 for Lytham .This column would like to thank Richard Suddell for his input into our article. Richard was a schoolboy at Freckleton School in August 1944 when the airplane disaster struck. Thanks are also due to Andrew Scholtz, Deputy Head of our own school at Kirkland, a native of Freckleton, for his proof reading and also solving the mystery of why The Coach and Horses pub run for generations by the Hankinson Family became known as Ponkys. An abridged version of Hanky- Panky apparently. Further details from Andrew ...not us!! So, onward to Lytham (pop 42,954 ) home of a leafy town centre, four golf courses, a successful "Peoples Theatre" in Lowther Gardens, an Elizabethan Manor House, two Parish Churches and a world famous Rugby Club. Let us go onto the front overlooking the Ribble Estuary and the broad spaces of the mile long Lytham Green. Laid as a northern version of Hove Lawns in Sussex (Lytham though is broader and longer) here we meet our first Parish Church, the more centrally located St Johns. Built in 1850 on land donated by the Clifton Family it was originally a Mission Church of the longer established St Cuthbert’s Parish Church ,a couple of miles down the road ,which itself was rebuilt in 1834 ,on a site where there has been Christian Worship for centuries before. This column has no wish to arbitrate on which Church is the more senior of the two but a former Rural Dean of this area insists it is St Cuthbert’s .The fact that he went onwards to become Vicar to that particular Church is he states irrelevant !! Whatever the outcome of that one surely there is, no doubt that aesthetically the most outstanding Church in the area is The United Reform Church, known as The White Church. Built in 1912 in Byzantine style the building is of striking


beauty and located in Fairhaven, a part of the Borough that is said to take its name from Acts 27 Verse 8. Now to Lytham Hall, built in the latter part of the 16 th Century and the Home since that time to the Clifton Family until 1963 when the gambling debts of the then Squire caught up with him and he was compelled to sell Hall ,Land and most of Lytham to an Insurance Company. The Hall is open to the public most weekends in Summer courtesy of The Friends of Lytham Hall a local Charity set up to preserve this wonderful old place. Now to conclude, the Golf Club or the Rugby Club? Let’s go Golf and cover the Rugby next month. Royal Lytham and St Annes is an icon in the world of golf. Since 1926, it has been the host and venue to no less than 11 Open Championships as well as Ladies Open and Ryder Cup Competitions then between the UK and the USA. If you wish to play the course and the Secretary likes the “cut of your jib" it will cost typically £180 each per round, but for that you do also get lunch!! Well, we may not see you at Royal Lytham but do come to see us at St Helens. We assure you of the warmest of welcomes. Next month .Well, ok The Rugby Club and onwards to St Annes, or is it St Annes - on - the - Sea (no apostrophe either way) but which name is correct? Tell you next month. God bless The Churchwardens


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