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By the time you read this it will be almost September and Autumn will be upon us, gone is the summer. Indeed at the time of writing this ,it is the second week of August and rain is pouring down and we are looking forward to the most dire of weekends according to those gleeful of doom mongers...the BBC weather men and women. I should be going to play golf ,but it is tippling down ,well the good news is I can watch the game on the tele. The cricket season ( World Champions !!) is almost at an end ,well the good news is that the Rugby Season is just about to begin . It seems like that excellent pub The Punchbowl is going to be closed for some time yet.. Good news? The Horns is still open. Get the idea? It’s called the Glad Game. Devised in 1913 by the American Children’s Author Eleanor H Porter in the novel” Pollyanna”, it was further popularised in 1960 by Walt Disney in the film that bears the title of the book and stars the young Hayley Mills. Differing in characters and scenes from the original but not in message, the film demonstrates the unfailing optimistic outlook of its principle character. Pollyanna Whittier (Hayley) sees something to be glad about in every situation no matter how bleak things may seem. The film is a real tearjerker and I can testify to watching it on a Friday evening in Cardiff before a game of rugby and seeing through my own tears the entire formidable London Irish front row weeping away at Pollyanna’s ‘ distress. Nonetheless the plot teaches us that if we focus on positive matters even when something negative is happening ,we can learn to direct our thoughts away from the immediate misery . Give it a shot next time you are feeling down.!! Before I leave Pollyanna , readers may recall that after becoming paralysed the film ends with Pollyanna heading for hospital in Baltimore for major surgery .We are not told and thus must make up our own minds whether she recovered. The glad game eh?.


Well let me tell you that in my opinion Pollyanna’s operation was a total success ,she regained her health ,walked and ran again and made glad the hearts once again of the townsfolk of Harrington ,Vermont. ************************ Harking back to summer what enjoyable times we had as a Church Family with the Barbeque, Prosecco at the Proms, The Choir Party, The trip to The Grand in Blackpool to see The Mousetrap , The farewell to David and Carol Benson, The welcome return, if only for a weekend ,of Lyn and Brian Collinson and many other such instances. Indeed, there were so many Church Social Notices one weekend that The Vicar had to pause for breath on two occasions to deliver the news. Dear reader if you missed any of these events, well we are sorry but they are gone. The good news though (Pollyanna !!!) is that there are more to come and you are welcome to join us. Please see a Churchwarden for details of any event you wish to attend and we guarantee if you come alone you will not be on your own for long. Promise. *********** Before signing off this column let us introduce you to our new Churchwarden, Laura Minihane. A native of Bolton and relatively new to this Parish, but not to the area, where she spent many happy times as a youngster with relatives who lived in Catterall. Laura is an experienced Church Official in her former Parish and also a past chair of a school PTA. Laura is talented, selfless and has a wonderful ability to make everyone feel at ease and at home. She is a great pleasure to work with in service of the Parish, welcome aboard Laura !!


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