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We may have mentioned this before in one or two columns, but age really does become us as the years roll by. Well you may ask, what do you mean precisely by that tired old cliché? Fair comment . Were peat ourselves, hills get steeper, beer gets weaker, policemen get younger and Christmas is, well, different. Take the last instance, Christmas. How do you mean different? Our young interrogator may say. Well in a word.


Better!! Take the Christmas just gone at St Helens. The Choir and friends under Glen Porter's outstanding leadership visited more Homes in the Parish and more Commercial (licenced !!) establishments than previous records forth tell, sang more Carols, enjoyed more hospitality, travelled further and raised more money for Church funds than ever before. Our Church has never looked as well, superbly decorated with lights, flowers, plants and candles .Our Parish Rooms have never been as well utilised due to our Cafe Society. Our Sunday School is thriving, our Confirmation Class healthy in number and outlook; and we metaphorically had to post the" House Full" signs for our ever popular Carol Service on 23rd December. Therefore, our grateful thanks to all and everyone who contributed to a wonderful Christmastide. Whether you sang in the Choir, acted as Sides person, beautified our Church, played the Organ (superbly!!), laid on warmth and conviviality for the Choir or equally importantly whether you were just there. Thank You. On this occasion let, us particularly thank our Clergy, Rev Andrew, Canon Ron and of course our Reader Mrs Audrey Ashbridge.


Thank You and Thank You again. We hope to do it all again next year, do join us or even better, because we are here 52 weeks of the year, do, do come any Sunday. We guarantee the warmest of welcomes. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now whilst we are on the subject of warmth and conviviality, what a welcome occasion to come out of Church on a dank, still and misty Sunday after our


Carol Service to see the lights of the Punch Bowl glittering out a welcome. The opportunity was not missed by a number of our Congregation who continued bon accord and good cheer for a little longer in the Public Bar. A grand occasion it was too. This village institution has been sadly missed during its 12 month closure and its reopening as welcome as the Flowers in Spring. Pub Landlord, Jason offers the friendliest of welcomes, the best of good ale and although it is "drinks only" for the next few weeks, he does hope in time to offer an extensive Pub Food menu. Jason takes pains to point out though that "The Punch" will remain primarily a Pub and will become once again a centre point of the local community. We wish him well from our side of the bar. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It is a wonderful tradition in St Helens that the Host of Bread and Wine are carried from the back of Church, down the main aisle to the Alter each Communion Sunday. We are constantly looking for congregation members who would like to perform this duty. If you would like to undertake this task any given Sunday then please do let one of us know . --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sides persons will, in a couple of months have completed their 12 months in Office. These positions are not automatically renewable and notices will shortly be placed in the back of Church seeking application. We do hope that all our present excellent team will please renew. We also warmly welcome any other person who would like to join in. If you are unsure about the duties and commitment, please do have a word with one of us. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finally. Next month and by popular demand, we are off on another Ramble (far away I hope did someone say!! ) .Well perhaps not that far, but to St. Anne’s on Sea at least. The Churchwardens Tandem has been oiled and serviced, tyres pumped up and we have been fitted for our body hugging cycling suits following severe shrinkage from last year whilst in the wardrobe!!. Do join us next month for the first instalment, should be fun.


See you all in Church. God Bless The Churchwardens



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