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The Christmas Rose


After the Angel Gabriel had appeared before the shepherds on the hillside, and told them of the birth of the Baby Jesus in a stable in Bethlehem, he showed them the way by walking on foot. The shepherds brought the gift of a lamb with them, but a little girl who joined them on their journey had nothing to give. The Angel Gabriel touched the ground with his staff, and a beautiful rose grew out of the earth. The little girl picked the rose and gave it to Jesus in his crib. Or so says one tadeonal French tale.  


Another version tells how each shepherd brought a separate gift to the Baby Jesus, but one had nothing to give. He did not want to go into the stable empty-handed, so he picked a simple daisy along the way. It had a yellow centre and pure white petals. When the shepherd offered it to the Christ Child, the Baby touched the daisy to hid lips, and the edge of each petal turned rose red. Look closely, and you’ll see that all daises are now hinged with red.  


Perhaps they represent the blood of Christ. The Christmas rose is also white, often tinged with red and is still put in a vase and prominently displayed by many come Christmas time.







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