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So, not a harsh winter so far all told, even our farmers agree. Hope nothing changes dramatically between me dictating these words and them going to print! The Eskimos famously have many words for snow, the reason being of course that it becomes obvious that there are different types of snow when you live in a snowy environment all year round: dry snow, wet snow, large flakes, small flakes, snow that you can build with snow that you can’t etc. I sometimes wish we had a few more words to choose from in the English language, love being a really important one.


I was reminded of this by my Mum who will be 92 in March. Although she is quite forgetful now and can be a little confused she still has much wisdom to share. I wanted her to know how much she is loved, while she can still understand. The result was perhaps predictable – of course she knew she was loved, it was just that people didn’t talk about that so much in the old days, perhaps people were too busy just trying to survive from one week to the next. Mum thought that the word love is over used these days. She has a point. It can be used all the time, trivialised, becoming superficial. The Bible, however, has many different words for love. In the new Testament alone we find that the original Greek uses three different words for love.


Phileo Signifies friendship, fondness and affection.


Philadelphia describes the Love that binds family members and which, in a Christian family, allows us to love one another as brothers and sisters.









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