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St Michael's Church

St Michael's-on-Wyre

View from the Vicarage


We come into the season of Trinity, we now call it Ordinary time and our altar frontal and the sacraments are cover in Green, the Vicar will wear a Green Stall and a green Chasuble.


Why because we see this season as a time for growth, ever since Jesus said to Peter


“And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; …….”


Though, .the Church in this passage was not meant as a building but people, another saying was, “where two or more are gathered together, I will be there”


Bishop Julian wrote this at the start of the mission to recruit more disciples:


‘Vision 2026 is not ‘my’ vision, it’s ‘our’ vision; a vision behind which we can all gather to make a make a difference to the people of Lancashire. I pray that you may find something here that will help you in your response to the invitation of Jesus Christ to 'come, follow me'.’


We have seen many projects set up around the Diocese, but to me it’s not about new ventures, though I get excited, when I hear of churches moving forward, to me it is about consolidating what we have and using the gifts and talent of our own congregation







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