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Our children were amazed by snorkelling for the first time on holiday last month, a £5 mask can open up the most incredible undersea world. My favourites are always the baby swordfish, small but pretty spectacular, unlike The Frill fin Goby. It’s an ugly little fish, 10-15 centimetres long, that lives in tropical and sub-tropical regions around the world. You find them in rock pools. See a goby and you’re not likely to give it much thought. It’s not pretty like so many tropical species, nor is it impressive in size, nor is it any good to eat. It’s just an ugly, nondescript little fish swimming in rock pools.  


But it is a remarkable creature.  



When you’re a fish living in a rockpool the biggest danger is birds who see you as a meal. Not really many places to run and hide. The goby however has developed an incredible technique to escape. It can fling its 10-centimetre body into a nearby rockpool, and if necessary, to another, then another, and on and on.  


The reason this is incredible is that the goby is jumping blind. It cannot see the rock pool into which it will leap, yet manages to jump with amazing accuracy.  


How does the goby do this? Scientists have discovered that at high tide the goby swims around the rocky areas and makes a mental map of the landscape, noting where the depressions that will form rock pools are. It can do this with just one pass of an area! Then, from memory, it is able to leap from rock pool to rock pool.  


The goby has a pea size brain, yet is able to accomplish this stunning feat.  


As we begin another academic year The September, in which parish life becomes busier with more meetings and our church schools get into gear who knows what we can accomplish together.



“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Philippians chapter 4 verse 13  



(Source: information about the Goby from Braithwaite, ‘Do Fish Feel Pain?’)









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