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"Always winter and never Christmas."



I saw that Richard Dawkins has a new book out in time for Christmas - oh the irony.  It seems to me that there are many people out there quick to criticise and condemn faith and religion.



But just stop and pause, whether you go to church here at St Helens or not.  



Can you imagine what "always winter and never Christmas" would feel like? Can you imagine Christmas without Christ? What would we be left with? A commercial feeding frenzy without purpose?



What would you miss?



Can you imagine Churchtown without a church, or Kirkland with no Kirk or the Fylde with no cathedral?



There would be a church sized hole in our village and parish. More than that without Christmas there is no purpose, no reminder of Christ's gift to us. Love. Love one another.



If you've not been to church for a while or this Christmas are left wondering, come and wonder with us.  


God Bless





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