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Training for God



With my usual inability to keep one eye on the clock, I ended up sat in church recently clad in my running clothes, having just finished running.  I must confess to nervously walking up to the gates wondering if there might be a Christening on.


However, as I sat there reflecting on the past week's training I found myself contemplating what my training actually is to be a Christian.


I know if I want to run a long distance and run it well, then I have to have a training plan and not deviate from it.  That means hours a week set aside to just focus on running, attention to what I eat, avoidance of those things that are bad for me, maintain a positive attitude and to rest.



I sat in church wondering just what a training plan to be a Christian, let alone a better Christian, might look like. Where does one begin?  



We talk at church about being baptized being the start of our journey in faith and so it is. Attending church regularly, praying daily are the next steps after Confirmation and all part of the "training".  By that measure I'm already in the midst of my training, but still getting it wrong, deviating from the plan.  Perhaps I need someone to tell me where I'm going wrong, a personal trainer so to speak. Ah that base is covered too - Jesus. So why am I still getting it wrong?



When Team GB Cycling Team were training for the 2012 Olympics they used something called Chimp Management. When races were over the riders had to analyze the race. If things did not go well then, the first place to start was themselves.  



By extension I could ask myself the same sorts of questions; have I trained enough, did I know what to expect on the course, did I deal with the unexpected occurrences professionally, what would I do differently?



Following God is uniquely different and also the same. With God the training and the race are one, but the end of the race is final. Our journey through that race is full of second chances as long as we own our failings and ask for forgiveness. Thank God.



Yours truly, Alison.

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