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Patron Saint of Ecologists


Sir David Attenborough is the wildlife presenter / reporter that I, like many of you, have grown up with. He used to be on the telly most Thursday's just after 'Tomorrow's World'.  We are truly blessed to have had this good man in our lives for so long; he is now 93. Yet still he draws our attention to the good things around us, the things we take so much for granted, that have seemingly no monetary value but without, we would be so much poorer for. Just as an example, (in case you disagree), bees pollinate one third of the food we eat. We would literally starve without them.


But nature gives us so much more than our daily bread. It is the backdrop and orchestral accompaniment to our daily lives. Imagine not hearing the dawn chorus, or seeing the dash of blue as the kingfisher speeds down the Wyre.  My heart skips at the very sight and it fills me up for days.  It is well documented how re-connecting with nature, be it through gardening or just getting out there, improves mental health. We need 'them' more than they need us and I dare say, more than we realise.


Sir David Attenborough and St a Francis of Assisi have much in common. They were and are connected to their natural environment, arguing for its protection and all that it contains - humans and animals alike.  I wonder if Sir David Attenborough has ever noticed the similarity in the teachings that he shares with St Francis of Assisi?


Namely, 'greed causes suffering for the victims and the perpetrators'.  Most people associate St Francis with animals yet it was his concern for the poor and his desire for peace that defined him most.  He was discussing and arguing for social justice and for all of God's creation way back in the 12th century.


We are in the situation we are in with climate change because of greed, and because of that greed we will suffer the same fate as our bees. If they go, we go.



Let us pray that this never happens,


Yours truly,






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