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  Alex's Diary

St Michael's Home February 15

Alex's diary is published every month, with a double issue in December/January and July/August.

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Hello Everyone



This is my very last ‘Alex’s Diary’!



It seems such a long time since I started writing to you. Here’s a reminder of my very first Diary entry from April 2007.



Hi! I’m Alex.  


My diary starts at 3.34pm on Tuesday 17th April – so precise with the time these midwives. Anyway, I came into the world weighing in at 9lb 5oz, a healthy weight I’m told. I was 2weeks late; everyone was anxious, I was very comfortable. All of this, as they say, is history. I’m here now. There’s lots to get used to, all very strange really, but I’m settling in well. I must be doing something right, mummy and daddy (not to mention Grandma and Granddad) are so very proud of me, others too. I’ve lost count of all the cards and presents. But something daddy said the other day sticks in my mind:  “Everyone’s being so kind and generous, but what really matters is baby Alex”.    



Since then I’ve shared lots of things with you...............teething, my first Christmas, my first steps, the arrival of Brother Ole, my first day at school, the birth of Baby Sister Emily-May and much much more. But now I’m signing off for the very last time.............quite sad really but the time has come.  



So it really is goodbye.

                                                                  Love to you all







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